The screen printers at Work Designs’ custom t-shirt shop have gained a reputation for taking on the most challenging of t-shirt designs and producing exceptional prints. Our silkscreeners have years of experience working on different press types and mastering the use of various methods and materials used in screen printing. We take pride in the quality of our prints and pay attention to every detail. We run top-of-the-line t-shirt presses with excellent registration that can accommodate up to eight colors in a single image, allowing for full color, photographic quality prints on light shirts as well as dark.

While we also accept customer-supplied designs, Work Designs employs talented t-shirt artists who understand screen printing as well as design. Our designers take part in the printing process from the creation of custom artwork to the separation of ink colors and remain with the project until completion, working with our printers to make sure the end result accurately reflects the approved artwork. Work Designs can help you to understand a range of creative options and how to achieve the exact look and feel that you desire.

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